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3D Animation - VR & Simulation

ONE YEAR PROGRAM |3 hours/class, three times/week

Hunar Foundation, SNPA-7A, Block-3, Delhi Mercantile Society, Tariq Road, Karachi

Learn VR & Simulation


  • Fundamental of computer and Internet
  • Minimum academic qualification is intermediate
  • Entrance test


Students in this 3D Animation, VR & Simulation, one-year Program get the opportunity to learn the technical and artistic tools they need to master 3D-Gaming assets development, VR & simulation workflows for architectural, gaming and defense related industries, to name the few here.  After the program, they may choose to become independent freelancers or to pursue a career in number of industries now hiring persons with next level of skill-sets.

SOFTWARE: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine 


Enter the exciting world of VR & Simulation. In this path, you will learn how to create 3D models, understand the pipeline for creating assets for a game engine. Learn the latest tools & techniques for creating virtual landscapes.

SPECIALIZATIONS: 3D asset crafting for games & VR / 3D character development / VR & Simulation

Module 1:           Foundation                                      6 Weeks

Module 2:           3D Design & Modeling                  10 Weeks

Module 3:           Rendering & Animation                 12 Weeks 

Module 4:           Specialization                                  10 Weeks

Module 5:           Live Project                                      10 Weeks

In this final phase of training, students will apply the acquired skill set on Live projects. They will be part of a live production team in a live environment.


  • Intermediate/A-Level

Assessment Test

  • A general assessment test that includes a computer knowledge assessment, Internet knowledge assessment, English reading and writing skills assessment.