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3D Asset Crafting - VR & Gaming

SIX MONTHS PROGRAM |3 hours/class, three times/week

National Skills University, Islamabad, Sector H-8/1, Faiz Ahmed Faiz Road, Islamabad, Pakistan


  • Intermediate/A-level.
  • A general assessment test that includes computer knowledge and internet knowledge.
  • English reading and writing skills assessment.


Whether you are a professional creative graphic designer, animation specialist, or a novice learner, in this course, you will learn the basics of modeling, lighting, texturing, and animation using Maya industry-standard animation software. Our key emphasis will be on asset optimization techniques.

Students in this six months program get the opportunity to learn the technical and artistic tools they need to master 3D-Gaming assets development, VR & simulation workflows for architectural, gaming, and defense-related industries, to name a few here. 


Students in this six months program have the opportunity to learn the technical and artistic tools they need to master 3d animation & simulation technologies.

After completion of the program, the candidate will be able to explore their career in:

  • Architectural Visualization
  • 3D Games
  • VR & AR Application
  • Film & TV
  • Education
  • Simulation
  • Product Marketing



Module 01 - 02 weeks / Foundation

Study the concepts & basics of traditional arts and computer animation and build the foundation to work within the 3D computer animation environment.

Module 02 - 10 weeks / 3D Design & Modeling

Learn fundamental tools and techniques for prop modeling in Autodesk Maya, and examine the process of how to create models for a variety of applications.

Optimizing Geometry for Real-Time

This course explores how to optimally prepare models in a 3D modeling program before they are used in Unreal Engine. You’ll learn the tools and techniques needed to make data transfer into the engine smooth and easy.

Module 03 - 02 weeks / Lighting, Texturing, Animation & Rendering

In this module, you are going learn the usage of high and low poly models,
rendering, different lightings setups, camera setup and animation.

Module 04 -04 weeks / Specialization

In the Specialization module, you will have 3 options to choose one of these specializations

  1. 3D asset crafting for games & VR 
  2. 3D character development
  3. VR & Simulation

You can excel in your desire field, and then the sky’s the limit.

Module 04 - 06 weeks / Final Project

In this final phase of training, you will apply the acquired skill set to your final project. In the end, you will have a demo reel that you can present to acquire a job or freelance project. Also, you will get a chance to be part of a live production team in a live environment.