3D Character Development and Animation

6 WEEKS PROGRAM, 2 hours/class, three times/week, 36 class hours

  • Intermediate/A-level.
  • A general assessment test that includes computer knowledge and internet knowledge.
  • English reading and writing skills assessment.

This 3D Character Animation Workshop is designed for students who want to learn the essentials of 3D character design process & animation with high-end 3D computer programs but do not have the time required to devote to full-time study as a

year-round student.

  • Overview of 3D Animation & VFX industry
  • Future job prospects in the digital media industry in Pakistan & abroad
  • Intensive Hand-On training by the professionals in the field
  • Character design & development steps:
    • Character Base Body
    • Character Dress Shape Designing
    • Character Dress Mesh Designing
    • Character Skeleton Creation
    • Character Animation
  • Overview of complete workflow
  • Overview of Tools used in the course
  • Introduction to 3D character creation
  • Applications of 3D characters today
  • Examples and mini-assignments for encouraging user familiarity
  • This module is to get the student familiarized with the Makehuman software
  • This program specializes in the generation of generic characters
  • Creating base model from MakeHuman software
  • Polygon modeling overview in Autodesk Maya software
  1. Importing base character
  2. Marvelous user interface
  3. Creating 2D dress patterns
  4. Sewing dress parts
    Setting up techniques
  5. using simulation
    Saving the final dress as 3D mesh

Overview of modeling techniques; optimization of clothing mesh in Autodesk Maya Software.

Retopology using Maya software

Topics covered:

  • Create new topology with Quad Draw tool in the Modeling toolkit
  • Refine existing topology with Quad Draw tool
  • Quad Draw Tool hotkeys
  • Parent topic: Polygonal Modeling and related modeling skills

In this phase of the training, Maya software will be learned as it is the basis of modelling in the modern world. It is an extremely powerful software for all of the workflow, from modeling to animation.

Here, the character will be rigged and animated for simple animations. The rigging process is very complex, and the animation stage requires time and skill, both of which will be achieved.

The Final project will require the student to use their learnt skills to create, clothe , rig, and animate a character from start to finish. This character will be presented individually in the class.