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What Students Say About Microvision SOA

Microvision, a technology company bringing significant changes in online-based learning by creating unique education workflows to provide valuable and in-demand skills for the creators of tomorrow.


Areeba Zafar(Alumni)

I joined the program at Microvision school of animation in 2019.

A girl with no background in animation. I am glad that I’ve chosen this as my career. Where an average student of the class would spend 5 hours of the day on something, I would spend rather 10 to comprehend just its fundamentals.

What seemed almost impossible for me in beginning, gradually started becoming my routine, and I started defining that trait as a major part of my personality.

Areeba, who once was a struggler, is now a well-known Go-Getter! Hard work always pays off, Now I am a part of Microvision studios.

The biggest attribute to my success has been the great teachers around me, that supported and guided me to become a professional Animator.


Moiz Sadri (Alumni)

I belong to a middle-class family which had only one earning member.

Having studied in government schools throughout my academic career, I wanted to achieve more. It is difficult to continue higher education in Pakistan, with money constraints. I struggled hard to accomplish my dream of working in a prestigious field such as animation.

At Microvision school of animation, every student is given an equal opportunity to materialize their vision. The school has a peaceful and friendly environment where, quickly, everyone becomes your family; they are always there to help you. Additionally, it also provides a diverse environment, where you come to know about people from different backgrounds.

In short, it has been a wonderful experience here at Microvision. Where I am working as a successful 3D artist in its studio division.


Muhammad Saad (Alumni)

If I look back 2 or 3 years of my life, I wouldn’t have even thought of being where I stand today. A proud student of a premier Institute in the Country.

In 2019, I started learning 3D animation and now I am a part of Microvision Studios. It also has a location in San Francisco as well. I developed and brushed my talent according to industry demand.

Today I have accumulated skills to create low poly gaming assets that are compatible to use in gaming engines like Unreal and Unity.

This journey, I have taken with Microvision has been a rewarding experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the field of animation.


Nabeel Kamdar (Alumni)

After my intermediate, I had already built much interest in animation. I saw the advertisement for Microvision- School of Animation’s 3D animation and VFX Program and didn’t give it a second thought but to apply and leave no stone unturned to avail myself this golden chance to fulfill my goal.

In this program, I learned the fundamentals of 3D modeling and texturing, and by its end, I was able to grab a job as an intern at a leading animation studio.

4 months from then, a very appealing opportunity presented itself for the position of a permanent animator at a famous animation studio in Karachi.

After working there for about six months, polishing my soft skills, I became certain that I was going to make my dream work. I was able to build my own personal space and excel in this industry as an animator.

I am the C.E.O of INGIC-SOLUTIONS and I am leading my company with a great set of Animators, Graphic designers, and web developers. And we have been a long way to go for sure.

You Will Do Excellent in Your Career and We have Big Trust in Your Interest!

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