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Thank You For Your Support. While there are political action and politically partisan animal welfare groups out there who legally can and do make endorsements, we are not one of those. Elected Officials. For more information or to register online please visit. Winners are marked with a pawprint. HRC chose the right campaign to speak up for their issues, and take action to better the lives of all within the 97th. Humane PA presents our 2020 endorsements for Pennsylvania state offices in the upcoming election on November 3rd. Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States (2017-present) Executive branch officials . We're proud to have the endorsement and support of the following leaders, groups, and organizations. Homer Floyd (Civil Rights Leader) Patty Smith (Candidate, 104th, PA House) Brittney Rodas (Candidate, 105th, PA House) Lindsay Drew (Candidate, 106th, PA House) Ellis … Fayette County Firemen’s Association. Endorsements DONATE George's Story Priorities Voting Get Involved. It is also dedicated to encouraging everyone who cares about animals to get involved in getting to know their Representatives. Animals only win when humane candidates do. Fayette County Constables Association. Fraternal Order of Police. Serve America. Where do Pennsylvania’s Pack of Gubernatorial Candidates Stand on Animal Cruelty? 2020 Legislator of the Year PA Horsebreeders Association. We had some very tough choices! Labor and Unions. Barack Obama. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Perhaps, it's no surprise that the candidate named Wolf would be tops in animal lovers' hearts. This organization is dedicated to fighting for the humane treatment of animals and supporting anti-animal cruelty legislation. Please click here to learn more about Humane PA’s methodology for endorsing political candidates and here to find your state legislative district. This is the latest in a string of endorsements Del Ricci has earned in the home stretch of the special election to fill Rep. Brendan Boyle’s State House seat. PA… PSEA. Endorsements. Perhaps, it's no surprise that the candidate named Wolf would be tops in animal lovers' hearts. Gun Violence Prevention. The organization is 25,000 members strong, and they fight to neutralize interest groups that block anti-cruelty bills in Harrisburg by raising awareness for animal welfare bills and candidates opposed to animal cruelty. Former federal executive officials Presidents. This is the latest in a string of endorsements Del Ricci has earned in the home stretch of the special election to fill Rep. Brendan Boyle’s State House seat. Your contribution will help fuel our campaign to victory! Society…. PA Young Democrats. Humane PA 2016 Endorsements; Resources. BikePAC. Please click here to learn more about Humane PA’s methodology for endorsing political candidates. PA's Teachers . In addition to how a candidate voted on humane/anti-cruelty related legislation, we examine and weigh whether or not the incumbent has been a leader, i.e., a prime sponsor, co-sponsor or one who worked with animal advocates to move legislation. This organization is dedicated to fighting for the humane treatment of animals and supporting anti-animal... read more → September 26, 2020; Press Release; Endorsement – AFSCME Council 13. Vote as soon as you can and make sure to return your mail-in ballot no later than 8 PM on November 3! Pennsylvania's Political Voice for Animals, VICTORIA’S LAW: Pennsylvania’s Pet Retail Sales Bill. We always give priority to our humane leader and supporter incumbents who deserve our support for leading the fight against animal cruelty for years. You can register online or via mail to vote until October 26 but can register in-person at any time, including on election day! Humane PA. NRA. PA's Teachers. We are excited to announce that Dana has been endorsed by the Humane PA PAC! Allegheny County Democratic Committee. Humane PA members want to know who to vote for, so we give candidates in contested races the opportunity for endorsement in the primary, but this does not guarantee an endorsement in the general election. Endorsement – Humane PA. September 26, 2020. Related blog: Where do Pennsylvania’s Pack of Gubernatorial Candidates Stand on Animal Cruelty? 2013 Special Election Endorsements. Presenting Humane PA’s 2020 State Primary Recommendations! General election endorsements will be posted in … - Newtown, PA - Candidates for congress in Bucks County are touting their endorsements, and there is … Fayette County Firemen’s Association. With your help, I look forward to winning this campaign and continuing to serve in Harrisburg as your Representative for the 143rd District of Pennsylvania. 2018 HUMANE PA GENERAL ELECTION ENDORSEMENTS. ∙ Facebook/HumanePA ∙ Twitter/HumanePA * A "Write-in" vote is the purest form of democracy we have. The PA State Animal Response Team and Berks EMA activated the Berks County Animal Response Team, which is directed by Humane Pennsylvania, and asked us to be the lead agency in charge of coordinating emergency food distribution for Eastern PA. We had a plan in place, we had the capacity built as part of the Giorgi Family Foundation grant, and we were willing. APSCUF. In evaluating who to endorse, we consider many factors. How to Help Elect Animal Friendly Candidates, STATE ELECTIONS MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR ANIMALS. Young Democrats of Allegheny County. PA HEALTH CARE ASSOCIATION. Our goal is for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to be a kinder place for animals and for our legislature to pass appropriate laws to protect animals and eliminate cruelty. 2020 HUMANE PA GENERAL ELECTION ENDORSEMENTS, 2018 HUMANE PA GENERAL ELECTION ENDORSEMENTS, Mason-Dixon Poll on Pennsylvanian’s Attitudes Toward Pigeon Shoots, Sample letters to the editor – ending pigeon shoots, Sample Letters to legislators in support of ending cruel, live pigeon shoots, Comprehensive Animal Cruelty Act 10 (formerly HB 1238) AKA Libre’s Law, Governor’s Fact Sheet: Animal Overhaul Bill Explained, UPDATED – Primary Endorsed Candidate List 2012, Protect Pennsylvania’s Native Habitat and take a stand against cruel canned hunts, Passed! Humane PA. Earned support; not an endorsement. Humane PA is a non-partisan political action committee dedicated to protecting the rights of animals in Pennsylvania. Humane PA Endorsements! Humane PA, a nonpartisan group supporting animal rights, announced its endorsement of Del Ricci on Friday, reminding supporters to vote for the Democrat next week. PSEA. Tomlinson House District 19:  Jake Wheatley Jr.House District 20: Emily Kinkead House District 21: Sara InnamoratoHouse District 22: Pete SchweyerHouse District 23: Dan Frankel House District 24: Ed GaineyHouse District 25: Brandon MarkosekHouse District 26: Paul Friel  House District 27: Dan Deasy House District 28: Emily Skopov House District 29: Megan Schroeder House District 30: Lori Mizgorski House District 31: Perry Warren House District 32: Anthony DeLucaHouse District 33:  No Endorsement House District 34: Summer Lee House District: 35 Austin Davis House District 36:  Jessica BenhamHouse District 37:  No Endorsement House District 38:  Nick Pisciottano JrHouse District 39: Michael Puskaric House District 40:  Natalie MihalekHouse District 41:  Michelle WherleyHouse District 42: Dan MillerHouse District 43: Keith Greiner House District 44:  Valerie Gaydos House District 45: Anita Kulik House District 46: Jason OrtitayHouse District 47: Keith Gillespie House District 48: Timothy O’Neal  House District 49:  No endorsement House District 50: Pam SynderHouse District 51: Mathew DowlingHouse District 52: No EndorsementHouse District 53: Steven MalagariHouse District 54: Robert Brooks House District 55: Joe Petrarca House District 56: George DunbarHouse District 57: No EndorsementHouse District 58: No Endorsement House District 59: No EndorsementHouse District 60: No Endorsement House District 61: Liz HanbidgeHouse District 62: I No Endorsement  House District 63: No Endorsement House District 64: Lee James House District 65: No Endorsement House District 66: Brian Smith House District 67: No Endorsement House District 68: Clint Owlett House District 69: No EndorsementHouse District 70: Matt BradfordHouse District 71: No Endorsement House District 72: Frank Burns House District 73: No EndorsementHouse District 74: Dan Williams  House District 75: Ryan GrimmHouse District 76: No EndorsementHouse District 77: Scott ConklinHouse District 78:  No EndorsementHouse District 79: Louis Schmitt Jr.House District 80: No Endorsement House District 81: No Endorsement House District 82: Johnathan HersheyHouse District 83: No Endorsement House District 84: Amanda WaldmanHouse District 85: No EndorsementHouse District 86: No Endorsement House District 87:  No Endorsement House District 88: No Endorsement House District 89: Rob Kauffman House District 90:  No EndorsementHouse District 91:  No EndorsementHouse District 92:   No EndorsementHouse District 93: Mike JonesHouse District 94: Stan Saylor House District 95: Carol Hill-EvansHouse District 96: Mike SturlaHouse District 97:  Duel Endorsement:  Dana Hamp Gulick and Steven MentzerHouse District 98:  Bill Troutman House District 99:  No EndorsementHouse District 100: Brian Cutler House District 101:  Calvin ClementsHouse District 102: Matthew Duvall House District 103: Patty KimHouse District 104: Patty Smith  House District 105: Brittney Rodas House District 106: No Endorsement House District 107: No Endorsement House District 108: No Endorsement House District 109: No EndorsementHouse District 110: No endorsement House District 111: No Endorsement House District 112: Kyle MullinsHouse District 113: Marty FlynnHouse District 114: Bridgette KosierowskiHouse District 115: Maureen MaddenHouse District 116: Tarah Toohil House District 117: Karen BobakHouse District 118: Mike CarrollHouse District 119: Gerald Mullery House District 120: Aaron Kaufer House District 121: Eddie Day PashinskiHouse District 122: No EndorsementHouse District 123: No Endorsement  House District 124: Taylor Picone House District 125: No EndorsementHouse District 126: Mark RozziHouse District 127: Manny GuzmanHouse District 128: No Endorsement House District 129: No Endorsement   House District 130:  No EndorsementHouse District 131:  Kevin Branco House District 132: Mike SchlossbergHouse District 133: Jeanne McNeillHouse District 134: Ryan Mackenzie House District 135: Steve SamuelsonHouse District 136: Robert FreemanHouse District 137: No Endorsement House District 138:  Tara Zrinski  House District 139: Marian KeeganHouse District 140: John GallowayHouse District 141: Tina Davis House District 142: Frank FarryHouse District 143: Wendy Ullman House District 144: Todd Polinchock House District 145: Craig Staats House District 146:  Joseph Ciresi House District 147:  Jill Dennin  House District 148: Mary Jo DaleyHouse District 149: Tim BriggsHouse District 150: Joseph WebsterHouse District 151: Todd Stephens House District 152: Nancy Guenst House District 153: Ben SanchezHouse District 154:  No Endorsement House District 155: Danielle OttenHouse District 156: Dianne HerrinHouse District 157: Melissa Shusterman House District 158: Duel Endorsement: Christina Sappey and Eric RoeHouse District 159:  Brian KirklandHouse District 160:  No Endorsement House District 161: Leanne Krueger-BranekyHouse District 162: David Delloso  House District 163: Michael Zabel House District 164: Margo DavidsonHouse District: 165 Jennifer O’Mara House District 166: Greg VitaliHouse District 167:  Kristine HowardHouse District 168: Chris QuinnHouse District 169: Kate Klunk House District 170 Martina WhiteHouse District 171: No EndorsementHouse District 172: Kevin BoyleHouse District 173: Michael DriscollHouse District 174: Ed NeilsonHouse District 175: Mary IsaacsonHouse District 176: No Endorsement House District 177: Joseph HohensteinHouse District 178: Wendi Thomas House District 179:  Jason DawkinsHouse District 180: Angel CruzHouse District: 181 Malcolm Kenyatta House District 182: Brian SimsHouse District: 183 Zachary MakoHouse District: 184 Elizabeth FiedlerHouse District 185: No Endorsement  House District 186: Jordan Harris House District 187:  Michael Blichar Jr House District 188: No EndorsementHouse District 189: Adam Rodriguez House District 190: No Endorsement  House District 191 Joanna McClintonHouse District 192: Morgan CephasHouse District 193: Torren Ecker House District 194: Pam DeLissioHouse District 195: Donna BullockHouse District 196: No Endorsement House District 197: No Endorsement House District 198: No Endorsement House District 199: Barbara Gleim House District 200: Christopher RabbHouse District 201: Stephen Kinsey  House District 202:  Jared Solomon House District 203: Isabella Fitzgerald, Criteria: Voting record, incumbency, history of leadership, improved record, survey results, viability.

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