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Botanical name: Pisum sativum; Common name(s): Peas; Categories: Fruits and Vegetables; Plant description: Peas are one of the best cool-season crops, being hardy, easy to grow and adaptable to most soil types. Pisum jomardi Schrank. Research suggests that both P. sativum and P. fulvum were domesticated in the Near East about 11,000 years ago, likely from P humile (also known as Pisum sativum subsp. Description of Pisum Sativum Pea plant. What is more certain is that it has been around for a very long time, some say even more than 10.000 years ago, and it is today one of the most common foods to grow. Plant Common Name. Pisum sativum Linn. Wild species that have ... Plant description. A more precise analysis was performed for the most significantly upregulated PsBELL1-2 gene in pea. pea; Other Scientific Names Parts of pea plant: A pea plant has two main parts: root and shoot. The garden pea is widely cultivated in Northern temperature regions and is an easily grown vegetable found in many back yard gardens. Description An annual climbing herb of extreme antiquity in the northern temperate regions, and introduced as cultivars to many countries. The important producers of pea in the world are USA , China , France , U.K., Holland , Russia , Egypt and Australia. VARIETY NAME ADDRESS ... when the number is either 99 or less or 9 or less respectively. Botanical description of Pisum sativum (Pea Plant). So it is a flowering plant, it is an annual, herbaceous climber. The pea is a green, pod-shaped vegetable, widely grown as a cool-season Results. PISUM sativum. Peas are cultivated for the fresh green seeds, tender green pods, dried seeds and foliage (Duke, 1981). Data for quantitative plant characters should be based on a minimum of 100 plants. The results can also be downloaded as a CSV file (Unicode UTF-8 encoding).. See "Status", "Confidence level", "Source" for definitions. Pisum sativum is an annual plant that can grow up to 2.00 metres tall. abyssinicum) Pisum fulvum; Pisum sativum - Pea Pisum sativum subsp. 12 plant name records match your search criteria Pisum sativum.The results are below. Peas have been cultivated for their edible seeds and pods for thousands of years. elatius), and P. abyssinian was developed from P. sativum independently in the Old Kingdom or Middle Kingdom Egypt about 4,000–5,000 years ago. Pisum abyssinicum (syn. The root grows within the soil while the shoot is the above ground portion of the plant. Common Name Pea Plant Garden Pea Description Scientifically, the pea plant Pisum sativum may be one of the most important members of the plant kingdom. If you already know what group your plant is in, start with the clickable plant map to find your plant more quickly. Some varieties, including sugar peas and snow peas, produce pods that are edible and are eaten raw or cooked like green beans; they are popular in East Asian cuisines. Pea 1. Pea. It is present in N Nigeria and doubtless elsewhere in the Region.The plant is esteemed for its seeds of pleasing taste and good Cooperative Extension, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. P. sativum subsp. OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION OF VARIETY : Pea (Pisum sativum : L.) NAME OF APPLICANT (S) TEMPORARY OR EXPERIMENTAL DESIGNATION. They can be eaten in … The advantages of Pisum sativum as a study material in hybridization experiments are given below:. Pisum sativum is commonly grown as a food crop, but all plants in this genus can be used as cover crops. Young leaves, stems, vines, and flowers of a pea plant. P. sativum is an annual plant. Description. sativum.Popular varieties include: 'Alderman' (a.k.a. Here, we report the identification and expression analysis of BELL genes in the legume plants Medicago truncatula and Pisum sativum, which are involved in regulating symbiosis initiation and development. Description. Garden Pea. Leaves are alternate, pinnately compound, and consist In india pea is a extensively cultivated in Uttar Pradesh , Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. elatius (syn. Mangetout or Snow peas are mostly eaten for their large flat pods when the seeds are small. Ø Pisum sativum is an annual plant with a short span of life cycle. The garden pea is an annual plant, grown for the nutritious and tasty pods that it bears. Field pea may refer to: . P. elatius, P. syriacum) Pisum sativum subsp. Pea is a common and well-known crop plant. PLANT DESCRIPTION OF PISUM SATIVUM P. sativum is an herbaceous annual, with a climbing hollow stem growing up to 2–3 m long. The discovery of its seed in a tomb at Thebes proves it to have been an ancient Egyptian plant. This species is edible and is perhaps cultivated. Description Pea (Pisum sativum L.) is one of the first domesticated crops, and was the model crop for the foundational genetic studies by Gregor Mendel, which he first reported in 1865.

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